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Baahubali – Review by Shishir Gautam

Barely are there any directors in India who can match up to the expertise of S.S Rajamouli in his ability to draw emotions out even in absolutely unrealistic plotlines.
This is the man that made sense out of a housefly reincarnation avenging death in previous birth in Eega. And yet for most part of the first half of Bahubali the director seems listless.

Claimed to be the biggest movie ever made in India, pegged at a cost of Rs 250 cr, Bahubali has a sketchy start. More importantly, the visual effects that were promised to be world class looked like just notch better than what TV shows manage in their modest budgets. There are plenty scenes when the VFX is so apparent that it could make you laugh. One such scene is when the lead pair escapes an avalanche. That apart there are scenes that could leave you cringing. Especially one where Prabhas almost disrobes Tamannah to remind her that she is a woman underneath her stubborn rebel self. Sexist! One scene that I am sure should upset some ladies.

Amazingly, once you sustain through the first half, the post intermission is another story altogether… as if the director too needed that loo-break to get his act together! As the story goes into a flashback Rajamouli showcases his brilliance. Seeking his inspiration from the Mahabharat, he brings out some awe inspiring characters before charting one of the best war sequences that has ever been seen in Indian films.

Suddenly Bahubali turns into a delight. It does not allow a second of relief as it will make you sit at the edge of your seat.

They say, all’s well that ends well! Bahubali: The Beginning is just that. And as it drives into a perfect end you cannot wait to watch the conclusion of this grand saga that will unfold in a few months from now. Behold, Rajamouli brings us India’s very own combo of Game Of Thrones and Lord of The Rings. Excitement overload!


0.0 – 1.4 : Poor

1.5 – 1.7: Poor, A Few Good Parts

1.8 – 2.3: Average

2.4 – 2.9: Fairly Good

3.0 – 3.4: Good

3.5 – 5.0: Very Good


Baahubali – Review by Shishir Gautam

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