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Bezubaan Ishq – Review by Shishir Gautam

Every now and then a new person from some corner of the country reaches Mumbai hoping to make a film. Some even have the money and decide to produce, not understanding much about the business of filmmaking nor the art of it. Result, unless in rare cases, is usually a film that could only send him/her back to the same corner never to return…

While I hope the producer of Bezuban Ishq makes his money, because no producer deserves to not earn, I really cannot be recommending this one as a film that you could invest even a moment of your time in. Reasons are simple – an amateur piece of work showcasing a story that has been told umpteen times.

Pegged as the comeback vehicle of Sneha Ullal – the girl who had a dream of a debut over a decade back – Bezuban Ishq is a torturous tale of love. A man promised to one falls for a more suitable other. Everything related to this film has been done death, including fatal illness and sacrifice!

And yet, at times a new way of telling a story can save things. Obviously the writers did not care much. Or maybe they just did not find inspiration considering they had to write scenes for a set of non-actors who were directed by someone who did not quite learn his grammar.

Bezuban Ishq falters at every level. Its music has no passion, actors look jaded… the film looks trampled. Maybe things could have been bearable if at least the actors delivered their lines better. Alas, neither of the two heroines manage to draw out any emotion. While none can manage an expression, Mugdha can’t even get pronunciations of words right. The lead actor Nishant Malkani seems like the only one who tries anything at all in the whole team.

Bezuban Ishq will probably be one of those films that will just disappear into the vacuum of history… without a trace. And non-regrettably so!


0.0 – 1.4 : Poor

1.5 – 1.7: Poor, A Few Good Parts

1.8 – 2.3: Average

2.4 – 2.9: Fairly Good

3.0 – 3.4: Good

3.5 – 5.0: Very Good

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Bezubaan Ishq – Review by Shishir Gautam

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