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Brothers – Review by Shishir Gautam

Towards the climax of Brothers, as two siblings fight out, the director chooses to bring out shots of their childhood – elder brother seeing the cute kid brother instead of the grown up opponent. In your head, you might almost hear “tujhme kid dikhta hai, brother main kya karoo” and laugh out. That’s precisely what is wrong with this remake of the very engaging Hollywood flick Warrior.

The Tom Hardy starrer flick is one of the most striking pieces of sports based drama I have seen on screen in some time. In itself Warrior is an extremely emotional fare. And yet, when Bollywood decides to remake it there is the perceived need to fill in emotions, the Indian way. It did not work the last time Dharma Production did a remake – We Are Family – and it does not work this time either. What you instead get is unintentional hilarity… in the theater I watched people actually broke in laughter right when the director may have wished to make them emotional.

To be fair, Brothers does have some good things around it. For one, Akshay Kumar and Siddharth Malhotra fit into the roles perfectly. Akshay in fact is probably the only one in the industry who could have fit the role. And Jackie Shroff surprises with a remarkable performance.

Needless to say, the makers have changed quite a bit from the original. Unfortunately they have taken out stuff that makes the characters quite interesting. For example, the angst of the younger brother. So while Siddharth Malhotra does his job well, his character is not quite written anything like the character Tom Hardy played in Warrior.

Taking the original out of the equation too Brothers fails to impress; primarily due to sloppy writing. The first half of the film is unending. What is apparent is an attempt to get the commercial value intact. Unnecessary songs, love making scene and a tasteless item number are shoved at you to compensate for the lack of strong love story that usually entices the female audience. The second half catches up but never quite manages to enthrall. Some well shot and exciting action sequences should just about manage to keep your attention.

Brothers could have worked better with better editing and lesser of the forced melodrama. What it becomes is a lackluster piece of cinema despite some very hard work put in by the actors. Director Karan Malhotra, who gave us a fairly decent Agneepath (the remake) could do well coming in terms with how Bollywood is changing in terms of storytelling.


0.0 – 1.4 : Poor

1.5 – 1.7: Poor, A Few Good Parts

1.8 – 2.3: Average

2.4 – 2.9: Fairly Good

3.0 – 3.4: Good

3.5 – 5.0: Very Good

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Brothers – Review by Shishir Gautam

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